Safe Place

Asylum Seekers are not looking for a handout
Like many of our own ancestors, they are looking for a safe place to raise their children and the opportunity to build a life, work and prosper.

     Freedom's Safe Place is an Interactive Television show with a mission.  Our first goal is to ensure those seeking asylum in America remain together with their families, have the funds needed to purchase a residence and receive opportunities for training and becoming full members of our society. 
     Interactive TV will create the safe places refugees from violence, confiscation of property and the drug trade which has sent tens of thousands fleeing from homes they have owned for hundreds of years.  
      America was once such a place.  Using the free-market it can be so again.  
    Freedom's Safe Place is the future of human action, investment, designed to bring us together past the politics and ideologies which now divide us.   television show which allows us to get to know Asylum Seekers and the Homeless as they rebuild their lives.  This is an opportunity all of us would want to have if we needed it.  
      Asylum Seekers have faced violence at home, a stark lack of jobs, hunger and more before making the agonizing choice of leaving home, family friends, to find a better life for themselves and their children.  

  The Wrong We Are Facing
Understand the corrupt motives of those caring for these children.

History of ​​
Colonial America

Once, America opened wide her Arms
There is a way to Make It So Again